1- Benchmarking Education in Egypt

  • CDB takes the initiative to help in finding the way to achieve such crucial need. This will be done by proposing a project that takes into consideration the performance done in best performing countries. Also, it should clearly discuss the education reform priorities according to coverage, costs, and economic growth effects.
  • The project uses the international benchmarking methodology.
  • This project is led By Prof. Ragui Assaad and Prof Laila El- Baradie and partnered by The Egyptian Ministry of Education.
  • The project contains a benchmarking study and international conference.


2- Tourism Recovery Index

  • This project aims to study the progress achieved in Tourism sector on a quarterly bases
  • The indicator construction depends on a survey developed by CDB and data collected by the Egyptian Tourism Federation.
  • The index document also is expected to connect with major tourism sector reforms to sustain growth of the sector.


3- Wuzzuf Recruitment Evaluation

  • CDB is conducting a research to test the positioning and the concept of the Wuzzuf online recruitment service.
  • CDB is using phone calls to contact Wuzzuf clients to understand their perception of the service.
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