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Please provide a brief bio (up to 150 words), summarizing your professional and educational background and your previous and current research interests; highlighting your key publications.


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In fulfilling its mandate, CDB is building a database of experts involved in economic, political, and statistical, and Development issues to assist with research and innovation assignments: the evaluation of proposals, monitoring of projects, and evaluation of programs.

Eligibility for consideration requires that:

  • The candidate must have a at least a master’s degree or an equivalent degree in the field of  Development and social science

  • The candidate should be a researcher in Social Science or closely related fields.

  • The candidate must have at least two articles published in refereed journals

  • The candidate must have at least five Years of experience in the research field.

Membership of the CDB database will provide opportunities to:

  • Participate at CDB research and consultation projects.

  • Publishing opportunities and disseminate projects and researches.

  • Keep up to date with latest developments in social science,

  • Access to new research and collaborative opportunities,

  • Participate in the CDB events.

  • Access to CDB publications.

  • Networking opportunities with other experts, researcher, and economic development practitioners.

If you fit the criteria mentioned and has proven expertise in any of the previous areas, you may join our Expert Database to be considered for future vacancies or consultancies.

How to join:

Fill our application (Register now as an expert)  highlighting your area of expertise in the subject line.

* Being approved in the Expert Database is not a guarantee of employment.