Internship Program


CDB encourages graduate and post-graduate students to apply to our Practical Internship program. Interns are appointed for a 6 months period on a full-time basis. The position is paid; and all participants receive technical courses.

The intern will assist the Company's experts in their research on political, economic, development and economic reforms topics related to the MENA region. The intern can expect to benefit directly from working at top research companies, with exposure to its inner mechanisms and the opportunity to contribute to our scholars' work.

Internship program will provide opportunities to:

  • Enhance Research skills, including Report writing, Knowledge of research methodologies, Ability to generate ideas, writing an annotated bibliography, Finding and Analyze of information from different sources, and Critical thinking.

  • Enhance Presentation skills for early career researchers; Capacity to communicate effectively with others orally, in writing, and using ICTs, multimedia, visual, musical and other forms appropriate to their disciplines

    • Developing data handling skills, including: data validation, Display data in a visually arresting way that is much easier to understand, and illustrate a comparison, relationship, or trend.

  • Improve Self-management skills, including: Managing time and organizing priorities, Setting goals, meeting deadlines, Working well under pressure and accepting responsibility and Self-evaluation and decision making

  • Develop the Statistical and Analytical Skills, including: understanding of the use of quantitative research in the practice and academic study, using a statistical software package (STATA - SPSS). To able to find, download, use, and manipulate datasets published on the internet; to produce and interpret basic graphs and tables in an intelligent way; and to execute and evaluate the output of basic statistical models, especially regression analysis.

  • Choose two courses from the CDB's training department.



Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reviewing research literature to summarize and present findings.

  • Maintaining documentation of datasets and analyses.

  • Helping prepare manuscripts for publication.

  • Conducting regression analysis and estimation of econometric models.

  • Assisting with technical writing, editing and background economic researches.

  • Analyzing data to test the effectiveness of current policies, products or services and advising on the suitability of alternative courses of action and the allocation of scarce resources.

  • Explaining research methodology and justifying conclusions drawn from research data.

  • Evaluating past and present economic issues and trends.

  • Writing various technical and non-technical reports on economic trends and forecasts.

  • Analyzing the performance of companies with a view to advising clients on investments.

  • Researches, compiles, analyze, interpret, and prepare data on economic conditions in the region.

  • Reviews and analyzes economic data to prepare reports detailing results of performed research.

  • Identifies economic indicators in respect to trends of the national and international economies.

  • Maintains records and reports related to the work.

  • Delivering numerous oral and visual presentations, which non-economist audiences must be able to understand thoroughly

  • Attends conferences and public meetings to explain programs and policies and answer inquiries.

  • Performs related work as assigned.

The participants will work independently with guidance from experienced consultants and your personal mentor. At the end of your internship you will give a presentation on a topic of your choice.


Required Education and Experience

  • Education: Bachelor degree in Economics, Statistics, Political Science (English Section) or related field

  • Grade: very good or excellent

  • Experience: Fresh grade (from 0 to 2 years of experience)

  • In-depth and proven knowledge in one of the work topics including economic policies, Investment, human development, trade and industry policies, and poverty.

  • Excellent communication, analysis and writing skills.

  • Language: Fluent in Arabic & English.

  • Previous experience in research is welcomed.


All candidates must submit a resume and cover letter via the company’s website at The Company will contact only those candidates who are extended an interview.