Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque is a former Deputy Minister of Planning for Pakistan and former IMF Resident Country Representative for Egypt and Sri Lanka. He has wide-ranging operational experience with over 24 years at the International Monetary Fund, including leading technical assistance missions and policy and research teams. Dr. Ul Haque has a strong background in economic analysis and policy development, reflected in numerous publications in academic and policy journals and conference participation.

As the IMF Representative for two central banks, he organized a modernization effort, which included improvements in the monetary framework and the policy formulation process. He also led organizational reform and efforts for nationwide deregulation in Sri Lanka. To ensure success of the reform efforts in Sri Lanka, Dr. Ul Haque led the highly successful public dialog with civil society and was the initiating member and architect of Deregulation Committee, Financial Market Reform Committee and Chambers-Academia Round Table for Education Reform. In each case, the committee was by private sector based, with limited official participation. Such committees helped sharpen the domestic debate and raise awareness of the need for reform.

TDr. Ul Haque is a skilled public speaker with ability to develop and lead public debate in diverse topics. He has published 5 books and over 50 papers in major journals and edited volumes.


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