Training and development:

CDB works on strengthening leaders and helping organizations to build teams that deliver superior results. By strategically aligning leadership, talent, and culture our consulting and coaching services, workshops, assessments, and training Institutes help organizations to not only plan, but also take action, leveraging action learning to create real results and real change

CDB offers:

  • Core Programs: to build the most critical skills for success at each leader-level.
  • Specialized Skill Development Programs: providing leaders an immersion into specific leadership topics.
  • Specialized Audience Development Programs: designed exclusively for focused audiences.

We create leaders who move their worlds. The results are transformative!

CDB provide a remarkable package of training courses which are considered an essential element of the development plan being applied into any successful organization nowadays in the following fields:

► Monitoring and Evaluation

► Data Science :

  • Data Science with SPSS
  • Data Science with STATA
  • Data Science with CSPro
  • Data Science with SAS

► Business Crisis Management

► Innovation in Government

► E-Government Strategies

► Measuring Government Performance

► Marketing :

  • Marketing Certificate
  • Marketing Diploma
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market research and analysis certificate
  • Market research and analysis diploma

 Supply chain sector:

  • Supply chain management and logistics certificate (Level 1 )
  • Supply chain management and logistics diploma (Level 2 )

► Business skills :

  • Business skills certificate
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • C.V & Interview & Career Planning
  • Team work skills
  • Successful meeting and business writing

► Management Sector:

  • Management Diploma
  • PMP-Project management Professional
  • Time management
  • Change management
  • Crises management
  • Effective problem solving and decision making

► Development benchmarking courses:

  • Development concepts and models
  • Simple and composite indexes
  • Measuring development: Quantitative research
  • Measuring development: Qualitative research
  • Creating guidance standards
  • Policy design and evaluation
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