Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics   

All CDB’s journals committed to the publication ethical standards, as described by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and abides by its Code of Conduct and aims to adhere to its Best Practice Guidelines.

Redundant (duplicate) publication

Definition: When a published work (or substantial sections from a published work) is/are published more than once (in the same or another language) without adequate acknowledgment of the source/cross-referencing/justification, or When the same (or substantially overlapping) data is presented in more than one publication without adequate cross-referencing/justification, particularly when this is done in such a way that reviewers/readers are unlikely to realise that most or all the findings have been published before.


Definition: plagiarism is basically intended to deceive the reader's own scientific contribution. Plagiarism of ideas and words (stealing others ideas, data, texts). CDB committed to publishing only original material.

Fabricated data

Definition: Manipulating research data with the intention of giving a false impression. This includes manipulating images (e.g. micrographs, gels, and radiological images), removing outliers or “inconvenient” results, changing, adding or omitting data points, etc.

Citation Manipulation

Definition: Citation manipulation or excessive self-citation is adding citations from the journal with the purpose of increasing citation rates and the journal impact. Or excessively self-cite author’s previous work.



In the event that there are documented violations of any of the above mentioned policies the following sanctions will be applied:

  • Immediate rejection of the violated manuscript.
  • Immediate rejection of all other articles submitted by authors who violated any of the above policies.
  • All authors violated any of the above policies will be Prohibited from submitting their manuscripts to any journal published by CDB.
  • All authors violated any of the above policies will be Prohibited from serving on the Editorial Board or the Guest Editors’ Board of any journal published by CDB.