Our Values

CDB always provide value- based solution, so our products always:

  • Competitive: in comparison to other solutions and experiences available.

  • Scientific based: to use the reputable scientific methodology to integrate ideas and develop experiences to end up with innovative solution.

  • Advanced: in relation to already found business models by addressing unsolved problems and unanswered questions.

  • Meeting stakeholders' needs: to be more focused on customers' needs, and expected future development.

  • Financially sustainable: to create a solution that can stay longer with self- finance mechanism.

  • Flexible and Responsive: when it comes to adaptability to industry expansion, technology innovation and company life-cycle.

Research Ethics

CDB Team is certified from USA National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research on NIH Web-based training course "Protecting Human Research Participants".

DB is committed to respect the following ethical and protection requirements:

  • Fair and inclusive: CDB seeks the views of various stakeholders and able to identify and address potential conflict of interest and unequal power relationships.
  • Conflict of interest: The consultant demonstrate the necessary independence and declare any conflict of interest and potential biases, including bias towards any of the stakeholders, target groups, types of research methodologies or approach, social, political or religious prejudice.
  • Based on rights and ethics: CDB respects the rights and dignity of participants as well as comply with relevant ethical standards and Code of Conduct
  • Our research ensures: appropriate, safe, non-discriminatory participation; a process of free and un-coerced consent and withdrawal and confidentiality and anonymity of participants. The informed consent of each person participating in data collection is  documented.